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Chip Conveyor Systems

Chip conveyors are available in various designs and performance configurations. We can tailor a metal chip processing conveyor to a customer's requirements. Simple, Fast & Reliable.

Chip conveyors and coolant filtration increase machine tool productivity. Combine your chip conveyor with a metal chip processing system or chip shredder for ease of chip handling. Extra heavy duty hinged belts are available for scrap conveyor applications.

  • Replace your old, existing chip conveyor
  • Design, build and order a new chip conveyor
  • Replace an OEM chip conveyor with one of our standard chip conveyors

With an industry-leading array of chip, coolant filtration and coolant management solutions for your machine tool, DMARK offers systems that meet nearly any machining challenge. Our relationship with most major machine tool builders provides access to machine designs and an ability to quickly provide a tailored solution to fit your needs. DMARK offers systems for both new equipment and aftermarket replacements and upgrades.

With a broad range of solutions suitable for oils or emulsions and all types of materials and processes, we can meet the demand for even greater levels of coolant cleanliness through local filtration systems. Supporting machine-tool or cellular-level operation, these designs meet increasing customer demands for outstanding work piece quality through coolant performance.

Efficient Chip Removal

Chip conveyors use specially-formed cleats to prevent curled chips from adhering to the belt, reducing wear and improving chip removal. Conveyor top cover height can be varied for special applications. Wipers on the belts clean the entire surface of the bottom pan a minimum of two times per revolution.

Wear-resistant Design

Special abrasion-resistant alloy material is used in high wear locations, such as upper and lower curves. Belt rollers and hinge pins are hardened for long life, even in the toughest applications.

Continous operations

The clutch system provides protection for the motor during if there are jams or excessive loads. Due to the unique action of releasing tension on the belt and then moving forward, it also overcomes 90% of minor stoppages without operator intervention. This is a crucial element in the success of unattended machining operation.

Since 1987, the DMARK CORPORATION has been providing end-users, machine tool builders, dealers and industrial distributors with the finest in machine tool and metalworking accessories and services. In a strategic alliance with our customers, DMARK provides:

For a quick response, please complete the forms for either a new or a replacement conveyor and we will get back to you promptly. Or simply call us to discuss your special conveyor or chip handling requirements: 1-888-897-9050.

Otherwise, look to our standard conveyor page for details on many popular machine tool chip conveyor models. These standard chip conveyors are designed to replace the OEM chip conveyors supplied with the new machine tool. Detailed approval drawings will be provided after receipt of your or and prior to production. We guarantee that our chip conveyor, chip shredder, scrap conveyor or metal chip processing system will provide you with the best solution possible.